Sunday, March 4, 2012


Me my Mom and my teacher Misty went on a walk at Crystal Springs and saw lots of ducks and geese,some even ate corn out of my hand! Here are some photos my mom took:                        

2012-03-04 09.25.37.jpg
duck on the roof!!

2012-03-04 10.40.15.jpg
ducks eating corn
1330886560771.jpg        2012-03-04 10.36.20.jpg 2012-03-04 10.40.15.jpg

2012-03-04 10.40.49.jpg
that muscobi is the duck that was following us around

we saw:
  •  muscobi
  • mallards
  •  greater and lesser scuap
  • buffle head
  • gadwall
  • A. wigon
  • wood ducks
  • and lots more!!!



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