Monday, May 7, 2012

Art journal

2012-05-07 12.14.42.jpg

2012-05-07 12.15.11.jpg
2012-05-07 12.15.01.jpg2012-05-07 12.13.03.jpg2012-05-07 12.15.28.jpg2012-05-07 12.16.45.jpg

2012-05-07 12.14.03.jpg
2012-05-07 12.14.25.jpg
A few weeks ago I started working on my art journal.
 I got the idea from this website: I also got some of the inspiration for the pages to. Here they are:

2012-05-07 12.16.14.jpg
2012-05-07 12.15.58.jpg
2012-05-07 12.15.43.jpg

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